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Research Value Program Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in our Research Value Program. To be eligible for an ongoing discount of 15% on all of our Hyphen BioMed products for your research, you must:
  • Agree to include our company name's support in your published studies.
  • Be willing to help try out new ANIARA products from time to time for additional research and registration information.
To register for the program, please fill in and submit the form below. Your discount will go into effect once we have received and approved your application.

Note: If you wish to use your discount with our On-line Store, you must create an account first.

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1. What kind of research are you doing?*
2. How are you planning on using our products in your research? Are they the primary diagnostic tools of your research, or do you use them to support other diagnostic means?*
3. Which products would be of interest to your research?*
4. How long do you foresee this study/research to take?*
Thank you for registering for our Research Value Program. You will be eligible for your 15% discount as soon as we approve your application.
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