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Aniara Lab Tech Award

2010 Lab Tech Award Winner

Aniara is happy to announce the winner of the 2010 Aniara Lab Tech Award in the amount of $2000.

Steve Johnson
Mr. Steve Johnson
Senior Technologist
Hematology Laboratory

Congratulations to Mr. Steve Johnson 2010 Lab Tech Award Winner

Dear Steve,

It gives me great pleasure on behave of the committee to advise you that you have been named recipient of the Aniara's Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist award for excellence for 2010. Your peers echoed the same sentiments in each of their nomination letters, knowledgeable, dedication, helpful, a great resource. Just to highlight a few of the accolades for you;

"He is a person who performs and teaches coagulation as easily as he eats and breathes"

"He is a fountain of knowledge, but he also is adept at sharing this knowledge while he listens to your perspective on the topic."

"Steve is the best, the most knowledgeable and (what is even more important) the most helpful Coagulation/Hemostasis Technologist I have known."

Congratulations Steve, a much deserved award.
Kind regards,

Marilyn Johnston

Steve & Colleagues
Steve and his colleagues.

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